Sunday 31 May 2015


The PIIMA Newsletter, May 2015, is out and will be dedicated on Tuesday, 02 June, 2015. Distribution will follow immediately. Pray along with us that God will use it to propagate the gospel. Below are peeks into its pages.

Tuesday 12 May 2015


Rt. Hon. Barr. Simon Lalong

Rt. Hon. Barr. Simon Bako Lalong, the Governor-elect of Plateau State, was born on May 5th, 1963. He is a native of Ajikamai in Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau State. Simon Bako Lalong had his Primary School Education at R. C. M. Primary School, Shendam, from where he obtained the First School Leaving Certificate in 1977. His Secondary School Education was at G. S. S Shendam from where he obtained the ‘O’ Level Certificate in 1982. After that he went to S. P. S Keffi from where he passed his 'A’ Levels in 1986 and proceeded to study Law at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Law in 1990. He went to Law School at Lagos and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1991. He did not stop there but proceeded to read for the Masters Degree of LLM at the University of Jos, which he passed in 1996.

Lalong started law professional practice in 1992 with the firm of T. Obot & Co. Legal Practitioners in Jos immediately after serving the mandatory National Youth Service Corps in the Legal Unit of the FCDA, Abuja. He also worked with Victor Fomwul & Co in Jos from 1997 to 1999 as the Managing Partner. He later opened his own Law Chambers, Simon B. Lalong & Co. Legal Practitioners, and he was the Principal Partner..

In 1999, Lalong harkened the call of his contested the State House of Assembly seat of the Shendam constituency, which he won with a landslide victory on the platform of the PDP. He was elected the Speaker of the State House of Assembly in October 2000. His leadership qualities earned him the record of the longest serving Speaker in the history of Plateau State legislature, from 2000 to 2006, that is, seven unbroken years).

While serving as Speaker, his leadership qualities endeared him to his colleagues, the other Speakers in other States and they elected him Chairman, Nigerian Conference of Speakers, twice, in 2001 and in 2002. He was also at various times, the National Chairman, Forum of All Former Speakers of Nigeria and Chairman of Former State Legislators, Plateau State Chapter.

He is associated with the enactment of legislation leading to the creation of the Plateau State University, now Solomon Lar University, in Bokkos, the College of Agriculture, Garkawa, the College of Arts, Science and Remedial Studies, Kurgwi, the Creation of additional Chiefdoms and Districts in Plateau State, the creation of additional State Wards and a Private Member’s Bill for the establishment of Local Government Council structures.

In 2015, Simon Bako Lalong contested the Governorship seat of Plateau State on 11th April 2015 on the Platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and won.

We congratulate him and wish him a very successful tenure.

Tuesday 14 April 2015





It’s exactly one year today since Boko Haram islamists abducted hundreds of Chibok school girls out of whom 219 are still missing. A few of the girls miraculously escaped. The true numbers of the initial abductees, the escapees and those still missing cannot be confirmed with certainty as many of the agencies involved are being very conservative with the information they have. This must be one of the most repugnant events in our history and the lowest point of our existence as a nation.
Our government was initially in denial the event ever took place. However, evidence soon proved them wrong and irresponsible. One year on and little or nothing has been heard about the girls’ whereabouts, let alone their condition of health. Whether they are still alive is even in question. The leader of the group announced months ago that he has since sold off the girls as wives to foreigners.   However, a recent escapee from the same terrorists claims that she was held in the same vicinity with about fifty of the girls. Also, there is a report in the papers today claiming that the girls might have been cited in the company of the terrorists in the Gwoza area as they retreat from advancing federal troops.
We wish to mark the one year remembrance of the absence of these girls with fervent prayers to God Almighty for His intervention in order to free them. There is nothing impossible for Him. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He decides the fate of all men. He is more powerful that any human. He is aware of all things before they even happen and the future. He can therefore bring this episode to end in safety at any moment. He tells us to ask whatever we desire and He will grant our requests.
We plead with God to please have mercy on these innocent girls. For no fault of theirs, they are suffering. Their parents and close associates are in pain. We ask God to please forgive us as a nation for our shortcomings, which might have caused this calamity to befall us. He says if we humble ourselves and submit to His will, He will heal our land of all blight. With confidence in Him and in faith we offer this prayer believing that He has heard us and answered us in the affirmative, in Jesus name. Amen.   

Monday 13 April 2015


There is an evil wind that is blowing across Nigeria. For now, it has only blinded the people; later, it will consume them. They will soon cry, "Had we known". But God did not leave us without a warning. The people, as in 1 Samuel 8, chose an earthly King, Saul, over the King of kings and the Lord of lords. There will soon be trouble, a military intervention, divine judgment to sweep away the corrupt, and then an ushering in of God's own fair leaders. All these in a space of three years. Let's watch prayerfully for the fulfillment of His word to His servants and prophets as promised in Amos 3:7. Shalom.
12 April, 2015

Friday 10 April 2015


The true story of Granny Brand is told by Bob Gass in his devotional series is the story of true Christian service. She was completely sold to God. Which is what God expect from His ministers. We hope that you will resolve to be more committed to your calling after reading this.

Evelyn Brand

Evelyn Brand felt called by God to go to India. For a single woman in 1909, a calling like that required a lorry-load of faith. She married a young man named Jesse and together they began a ministry to the people in rural India, bringing education and medical supplies and building roads to reduce the isolation of the poor. For seven years they went without making a single convert to Christianity. But then a priest in a local tribal region developed a fever and grew deathly ill. No one else would go near him, but Evelyn and Jesse nursed him as he was dying. He said, 'This God, Jesus, must be the true God because only Jesse and Evelyn will care for me in my dying.' The priest gave his children to them to care for after he died--and that became a spiritual turning point in that part of the world. People began to examine the life and teachings of Jesus, and in increasing numbers began to follow Him. Evelyn and Jesse had thirteen years of productive service, then Jesse died. By this time, Evelyn was fifty years old, and everyone expected her to return to her home in England. But she wouldn't do it. She was known and loved for miles around as 'Granny Brand', and she stayed another twenty years under the mission board she had served so faithfully. Her son, Paul, came over to see her when she was seventy years old, and this is what he said about his mum: 'This is how to grow old. Allow everything else to fall away, until those around you see only love'.

Here's the rest of Evelyn Brand's story. At age seventy she received word from her home mission office that they weren't going to give her another five-year term. But she had Caleb's 'we can certainly do it' attitude. A party was held to celebrate her time in India, and everyone there cheered her on. 'Have a good trip back home,' they all said. 'I'll tell you a little secret,' she announced, 'I'm not going back home. I'm staying in India.' Evelyn had a little shack built with some resources that she had smuggled in. Then she bought a pony to get around the mountains, and this septuagenarian would ride from village to village on horseback to tell people about Jesus. She did that for five years on her own. One day, at seventy-five years old, she fell and broke her hip. Her son, Paul Brand, the eminent doctor, said to her, 'Mum, you've had a great run. God's used you. It's time to give it up now. You can go back home.' She replied, 'I am not going back home.' She spent another eighteen years travelling from one village to another on horseback. Falls, concussions, sicknesses, and ageing could not stop her. Finally, when she hit ninety-three years old, she could not ride a horse any more. So the men in these villages--because they loved Granny Brand so much--put her on a stretcher and carried her from one village to another. She lived two more years and gave those years as a gift, carried on a stretcher, to help the poorest of the poor. She died, but she never retired. She just graduated.

For a fuller story of Evelyn brand, please go to the following link;

Wednesday 1 April 2015


In Pastor Bosum Emmanuel’s message to the church released in 2014, he warned Nigerian Christians not to make the mistake of digging the grave of the church with their thumbs. He meant that Nigerian Christians should not vote into office politicians who might emasculate the church and endanger its existence. His message was loud, clear and direct. He did not mince words.
In the same year, Pastor Tunde Bakare also predicted that the selection of Pastor Yemi Osinbajo as running mate to a presidential candidate would divide the Nigerian church. Now that the presidential election has been won and lost, it is obvious that Nigerian Christians did not heed these warnings.
The Lord gave us a word for the Nigerian church to the effect that it has done exactly what He warned it not to do. We should therefore be ready to reap the consequences of our actions. These consequences shall include the emasculation of the church and the denigration of the name of the Lord.  
The Lord gave us 1 Samuel 8 as scriptural basis for this message. The passage refers to the days that judges ruled in Israel and the people asked for a king so that they would be like other nations around them. God was displeased with their request as He was already their King. God sent Prophet Samuel to plead with them to drop their request and to warn them that an earthly king would thoroughly maltreat them. The people insisted and God reluctantly acceded to their request by giving them Saul as king.
A similar scenario is playing out in Nigeria right now. We have voted with our thumbs for the President that we prefer without bothering about God’s voice and God has granted our request. Christians should therefore brace up to face the unpleasant consequences of their actions in the 2015 presidential election.
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01 April, 2015


Monday 30 March 2015


Text: Ephesians 5:15-17
Nigeria's political transition is important for the growth of God's Church and for fulfilling her God-ordained purpose. Before the 1914 Amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Protectorates by our British colonizers, Satan's strategy against the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus in our region was already advanced via the agency of Islam. This, however, was temporarily truncated by the 1914 formation of the confederation called NIGERIA.
The new nation of Nigeria thereafter permitted the gospel of Jesus Christ to penetrate the core north. Hitherto, people in the core north had not heard the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ because of Usman Dan Fodio’s ferocious jihadic wars.  
The body of Christ (the Church) needs to see the importance of the 2015 general elections from GOD's perspective. It is spiritually significant to both unbelievers and to believers. What is at stake is more than just a struggle for the control of the economic resources of the country (the gold and the silver). Also, when we study how God dealt with nations in the past, we will realize that His plan for us is more than just uprooting corruption from our land. The enemy of the gospel, Satan, knows exactly where to plant the falsehood in order for his followers to hold onto the reigns of political power. This is Satan’s stock in trade. He applied the same trick in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve and caused them to fall.
Worthy of note is fact that 2015 ushers us into our second century as a nation. The first century of our nationhood ended in 2014. Most of our first century was dominated by Islamic ascendancy accompanied by its strangle hold on government via the various governmental agencies. These governmental agencies have become powerful machinery for the subtle prosecution of 'jihad' by core northerners. This is clearly evident in the military, police, paramilitary, the civil service and in the control of the political system as the ultimate tool.

GOD, in His infinite mercy, intervened in the last eight years of our first century. The last eight years determined whether God’s LIGHT would prevail over DARKNESS in our country’s leadership or not. We saw late Musa Yaradua being replaced by Goodluck Jonathan through natural processes. This, to any Nigerian child of GOD, was divine intervention, in view of the injustice, nepotism and religious killings that immediately followed this divine intervention.  
Because LIGHT took over the leadership, DARKNESS, which had its roots deeply entrenched in governmental agencies, mobilized to frustrate the new order in Nigeria. The new emerging Nigeria is for the purpose of showing forth God's Glory and nothing else. HIS will, therefore, is that Nigeria's 2nd century, which begins this year 2015, should be started and steered by a 'Jacobite’ and not an 'Ishmaelite'. 
An allegory highlighting this conflict in the Nigerian polity can be seen in Matthew 26:14-16. Satan crept into the heart of a chosen vessel of the Lord to attempt to thwart the will of God. The intention was to try and truncate Jesus' earthly ministry prematurely without the sacrifice of His pure blood on the cross of Calvary. The devil has tirelessly fought Christ without success, to try and frustrate His mission on earth – the SALVATION of man from sin. In this passage the devil entered the heart of greedy Judas, who never belonged to the light anyway.
PRAYER: The Church needs the infilling and leadership of the Holy Spirit in order to be able to successfully fight falsehood within its ranks.
A second allegory can be seen in Acts 7:55-58. The enemy usually doesn't use his own disciples to thwart GOD's plans on earth. Rather, he prefers to use foolish but willing tools among those who profess the LORD as their God. This way he achieves infamy. He entices gullible Christian men & women to create internal wranglings within the Church of God. Once he has sown the seeds of discord, he proceeds to wreck havoc in the land using his cheaply acquired authority.
PRAYER: GOD should help the Church of Jesus to live right and to be be watchful in these treacherous last days. (1st Peter 4:11)
To round up my brief understanding of GOD's will for Nigeria, I call upon all who profess the LORD's name to grasp the following message: 
1) That we should be guided by love and avoid being noise makers like Nigeria's enemy, who, by much talking, hope to convince saints into handing over their lives for evil manipulations. (1 Peter 4:8)

2) To know that our Holy GOD, who chose Isaac to fulfill Abraham's covenant, cannot go back to Ishmael, whom He cursed.

3) Pray fervently because we are in Nigeria's crucial hour, just as it was with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. (Matt 26:39). That GOD's will for righteousness in our country’s leadership be achieved so that His plans for us may come to pass. That our Muslim neighbors may see the light and be saved before the end comes.

PRAYER: LORD fill the church, including me, with love, which you gave in Christ, so that we can share this understanding with others.

I quote Richard Grenell – Thursday, March 19, 2015 who said:
·        That Buhari is a Boko Haram sympathizer.
·        That the Obama administration should "wake up" to the growing threat of Nigeria turning into an Islamic state, leading to other African nations also capitulating to Muslim extremists.
·        That Buhari as working tirelessly to enthrone sharia law across Nigeria as a whole. This will pose a further challenge in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria & the continent at large.
·        That Western foreign policy observers who are preoccupied with the rise of ISIS in the Middle East, should wake up to the reality unfolding in Nigeria.
Grenell was a spokesman to four former US Ambassadors to the UN, most recently, to Ambassador Zal Khalilzad.
Stay blessed:

Apostle Morgan Azih
True Love Mission Centre 
Phone: 07057180108

(Being text of a speech delivered by Apostle Morgan Azih at the prayer meeting of PLATEAU INDIGENOUS INDEPENDENT MINISTERS’ASSOCIATION on March 24, 2015 in Jos.)

Tuesday 17 February 2015


Christian clergy are currently embroiled in partisan politics to their chagrin. A note of caution to them should be in order. As a clergyman myself, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to contribute my quota to my turf by sounding the alarm bell.

The two major political parties in Nigeria have targeted the church for ‘plunder’ as can be expected. We were recently reminded of the danger inherent in this by Pastor Tunde Bakare, the General Overseer of Later Rain Assembly, in his ‘State of the Nation’ address on 04th January, 2015, titled, “The Gathering Storm & Avoidable Shipwreck: How To Avoid Catastrophic Euroclydon.” He recommended that Nigeria should not go into the 2015 elections until after correcting certain ‘fundamentals’ which he enumerated. He gave a political ‘weather forecast’ that suggested that doom lay ahead for the country if it proceeded with the elections. He also gave seven ominous signs of this impending doom.

Bakare called his seventh ominous sign of doom “Potential Religious Confusion, Betrayals, Scandals and Persecution”. He predicted that Christians would be confused and divided in their choice of presidential candidate because many of them had hitherto been enjoying the benefits of a romance with the incumbent President and now a senior pastor with the largest church denomination in the country is the running mate of the presidential candidate of the main opposition party. He said we should expect betrayals of old friends, scandals as greedy clergy sell out and even the persecution of the voices of reason.

It is obvious that many Christian clergy did not heed Bakare’s words of caution. They are now neck-deep in the performance of ‘endorsement ceremonies’ and, out of greediness, are collecting an earthly reward, which the Bible describes as “filthy lucre” five times and condemns in strong terms. The number 5 in Scriptures connotes the grace of God made available to mankind. If those greedy clergymen who have collected monies from politicians would truly repent, God will extend His pardon to them.
1.      Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous. (1Timothy 3:3)
2.      Likewise must the deacons be grave, not double-tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre. (1Timothy 3:8)
3.      For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not self-willed, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre. (Titus 1:7)
4.      Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre's sake. (Titus 1:11
5.      Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind. (1 Peter 5:2)  (Underlining mine)

Pastor Tunder Bakare’s warning went unheeded and so God sent another prophet to sound the warning a second time in the person of Pastor Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. The occasion was the monthly Holy Ghost Night, which Papa Adeboye holds on every last Friday of the month at the Church’s camp site along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

It is reported that on Friday, 30 January, 2015, Adeboye made reference to the claims of a certain State Governor reported in that day’s papers (whom we know from the papers to be Gov. Rotimi Ameachi of Rivers State) who was quoted as saying that the Peoples’ Democratic Party had released the sum of N6 Billion for bribing pastors so that they work against the APC.

THE NATION newspaper quoted the revered Pastor Adeboye as having told his pastors to return such monies or be ready to face the fiery wrath of the Almighty God. The paper had the following harsh words for clergy and the church establishment in general:

The problem of pastoral corruption affects all denominations and the ecclesiastical order must restrain itself because it opens up the churches for this. Yet, most pastors are ill-prepared to deal with such problems, compelling the public to robe the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) with the derisive epithet of ‘CAN of worms’. Some pastors are too cosy with the President and other top politicians, losing in the process the instinctive capacity to protect the institution. No wonder, most churches now wish such cases away or stifle their spread to the public domain. What is happening among many pastors and in religious houses is a reflection of the abysmal nature of all institutions and values in the society at large. Unfortunately, it would not be far from the truth to say that the country is under the hegemony of spiritually bad people. Such leadership, political and spiritual, have forgotten that God’s standards are clear and unambiguous. That He hates bribe and expects us to shun it. That God wants pastors to stand out. Unfortunately, most pastors have been overwhelmed by the prevalent evil culture of bribery and corruption induced by politicians. Sadly, these corrupt men of God want their congregations to overcome the vice. How? It is sad to note that the pulpit has been turned into platform for making illicit money from politicians that probably stole from the public till, seeking undeserved positions. Pastoral duty is a call to serve God. The wearing of that pristine robe makes God to overlook the times of ignorance but some pastors, through their corrupt inclinations, have made it difficult for the public to differentiate between their period of ignorance and that of divine call. Surprisingly, pastors of nowadays hold strongly to the wrong belief that money is the wheel on which the gospel rides, which we doubt has any foundation in the Bible. We note in recent times that the biggest givers in churches are close politician friends of pastors.   They shower pastors with gifts that perpetually silence them from discharging their pastoral obligations in a candid way to their congregation. We consider this as sacrificing scriptural values on the altar of personal greed. Pastors are by calling expected to live ascetic lifestyles and not one in pursuit of pleasure and the good things of life which money offers from invidiously corrupt politicians. The soiling of Christianity under the guise of evangelism must be curbed now; not later.

One episode is in the eye of the storm at the moment. It is the purported endorsement of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari for president in the 2015 elections by an amorphous group of ‘Christians’ self-styles as “Northern Christian Leaders, Eagle-Eye Forum”. The event took place in the International Christian Centre, Abuja, on Thursday, 12 February, 20015. The leader of this group is one Pastor Aminchi Habu, whom journalists said refused to give the name of his church. Newspapers claim that some of the pastors invited walked out of the event when they realised that they were being ‘used’. Some other reports said that some of the invited pastors complained about the paltry amount given to them in the end in contrast to what was earlier promised. Pastor Aminchi Habu has since splashed pictures of the event on the internet for all who care to see.

Shortly after the event, two reputed Christian clergymen stormed the studios of CHANNELS TV to set the records straight. Evangelist Matthew Owojaiye, former Chairman of the Northern Christian Elders Forum (NORCEF), and Elder Sunday Oibe, current PRO of Northern CAN, dissociated themselves and their organisations from purported endorsement. They said CAN and its affiliate bodies are all apolitical. Their leadership has also never met and resolved to support a particular political party. They therefore labelled the Abuja event organisers as fakes and imposters who are not authorised to speak for the organised church.

The Secretary of the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF), Pastor Bosun Emmanuel, a delegate to the 2014 National Conference, has since issued an official statement to the effect that CAN and NCEF only recognize the Northern Christian Elders Forum (NORCEF) and not Pastor Aminchi Habu’s forum. Gen. Buhari is being advised to cross-check his contacts. He might run into dishonest people.   

One of the speakers at the Abuja event shown on Nigerian Televisions Authority has since joined issues with Owojaiye and Oibe in the public domain on Facebook. He is Barr. Solomon Dalung, who writes as Igbarman Otarok. He wrote attaching a picture of the event:

If all these people are fake Christians then can Sunday Ayeje(Oibe) tell us the real Christians in the North. Is he referring to those who secretly anointed Jonathan and collected #6 billion as the Christians or those who made a public endorsement? From his analysis he is a dubious personality who is not quite informed about Christians in the North. He does not know the difference between a church and a forum or an association. I doubt the credibility of his claim. Which CAN is he talking about? The one that their leader is involved in arms trafficking in South Africa? All I know is that over 500 clergy including 10 bishops, Reverends, Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists and Elders across the North endorsed GMB. If they are Christian leaders, let them gather their own crowd publicly to counter and not just two people.

Clearly, the Nigerian Church establishment is already fragmented and polarised along political Party divides as predicted by Pastor Tunde Bakare. Unfortunately, I must write like this and wash our dirty linen in the public. It’s sad that we have to label some people as ‘fake Christians’. But some Christians have sinned before God in this matter. They need to repent and obtain God’s forgiveness before His anger is visited on them.

Clergymen can participate in politics within the limits of their calling, but they should not drag the Christians organisations that they head into partisanship, neither should they ever enrich themselves from it. I strongly advice true Christians not to ever participate again in the type of shameful and treacherous trickery discussed above. Don’t forget the words of Apostle Paul to Timothy that righteousness with contentment is great gain; (1 Timothy 6:6).

Saturday 14 February 2015


It has become needful for the Lord’s people in the nation and others burdened about the state of the nation Nigeria, but without it’s shores to be conversant with the mind of God regarding the nation and very importantly, the coming (2015) elections.
Nigeria is at a brink now and the church of Jesus Christ cannot afford to derail or put in power one that is not in God’s mind.
Some brethren in the leadership of this forum of the Kingdom work In Nigeria took time over the last weekend to wait and look to God in the place of prayers, regarding His mind on the nation and especially, 2015 elections.
The emphasis of the meeting, which took place from Jan. 29th -Feb. 1st (Thursday –Sunday) was to examine the words brethren and fellowships received as perceived to be God’s word and direction to His people; primarily guide in the place of prayer, discussions, expectations and most importantly, stabilizing the mind at such troubling moment!
The brethren that met are all APOLITICAL, having nothing but the interest of God’s house and people at heart.
At the meeting, we arrived at the following to be the counsel of God for His people now:
Buhari becoming the President of Nigeria will do much harm and bring great setback for the Church of Christ and Nigeria as a whole.
• The choice of a committed Christian to contest as Buhari’s running mate is a very calculated device to weaken the true position the church should take and also divide us.
• A word from God in 1984/85, which many brethren around then and now attest to, clearly stated: Buharishall be overthrown and he shall never rule Nigeria again!
• God’s people should not make the terrible mistake of installing as President, one whom the Lord has rejected and who will afflict the church of God.
• There is perceived, a great tendency for some trouble in the land, related to the coming elections; but it’sintensity and duration shall be determined by the church of Christ.
• The Lord would have the church do much of praying in the coming days to avert a national disaster. (A SISTER AT THE COORDINATION ELDERS WEEKEND MEETING had the following experience : (Jan. 31st 2015):
I saw a cloud mixed with dust rising, very tall and coming towards where I stood. In the vision, I had a witness that this cloud mixed with dust must not meet me where I am)
• Brethren are encouraged to exercise their voting rights during the elections, also as a mark of trust in the Lord for a process that His will has been made known to His people.
• Brethren and fellowships are advised to observeFebruary 8th 2015 (The Sunday before election) as a general day of fasting and prayers to avert every disaster planned for the nation and the church of God by the adversary.
We present therefore to you, words, revelations and impressions as perceived to be of God, which form a part of the decisions of the elders to bring forth the counsel raised above:
-Saw Nigeria as a vast land with no grass but red soil
-Saw storm and dust roused covering the whole land
-Saw a man who participated in the last election with his feet wounded and this has become a putrefying sore with an intense odour that was perceived till the revelationended.
-Saw the map of Nigeria as mat on the sky with multitudes of people closely parked together and becoming one man standing on a lofty height and dropping from the lofty height to a lower plane with head bowed and fire breaking forth out of the head and burning for a very long time.
2. FROM A SISTER (21/01/2015):
You vote Buhari you vote horror.
He will bath Nigeria with their own blood.
Christians must see the hand writing on the wall in voting this man.
Another holocaust is around the corner if you do this. I made u to see the pain of holocaust yesterday for you to understand. What my people are doing is taking your nation backward by another 100 years. Pray that this will not be.
Raise a voice of alarm for this great battle raging in the heavenly over your land, Saith the Spirit.
(a) December 2014 during a tarry night service.
Nigeria in a blood covenant by evil men in league with the devil to rule the nation.
Buhari was seen consulting with an image in the water to obtain power to rule the nation. There were about 70 persons with him. He is being backed by spirits in the water to rule the nation. His power and influence to rule the country is from the water. According to the revelation, Nigeria has been into a blood covenant by enemies of the nation. Nigeria was seen being dragged to what looked like a big black tree and was tethered there.
The brother also saw the Northern part of Nigeria divided into two; one part for Buhari, and the other part for the other candidate. They have sworn to take back the presidency to the north. A Machine gun was seen centered in the heart of the nation in preparation for the coming election. The idea is to chase the voters away so that they can manipulate the votes. A bloody election has been determined for 2015.
(b) There was quietness in the whole country. Then trouble erupted in the whole land, as there was war. At that point, a voice said that the length of the battle would be determined by the actions of the Church of Jesus Christ. Then a scripture reference was given:
Isaiah 44:24 – 28.
(c) A man seen clearing a parcel of land, then came a bricklayer and perfectly laid the foundation and raised the bricks orderly, another came and filled the holes in the bricks.
Afterwards appeared a man who anointed the foundation and the wall. The picture of President Jonathan was then placed on the wall. A group of persons appeared and attempted to remove this picture, but couldn’t achieve their aim and the scene disappeared”
This word was received in the midst of anointed praise and worship in the fifth day of prayer and waiting on the Lord.
I saw a cloud mixed with dust rising, very tall and coming towards where I stood. In the vision, I had a witness that this cloud mixed with dust must not meet me where I am.
5. A BROTHER IN ABUJA: Sunday 01-02-2015:
During the Sunday service as worship was going on I saw a vision of a court session with a judge sitting on the judgment seat, there were court attendants doing their job in an orderly manner while observers filled the court room, the session was on and head of nations were being called and instructed.
Then I saw President Goodluck Jonathan standing in a court room dressed in Niger-Delta black attire in front of the judge, one of the court attendants (which I perceived to be an angel) brought a scroll to him. Mr. President received the scroll untie it but could not read it he tried but to no avail because he did not the language of the scroll.
I was in a deep thought that why Jonathan is finding it difficult to read the scroll, moreover what about Gen. Buhari then the scene continued. I saw GMB dressed in babariga white from head to toe also standing before the judge, the same angel brought another scroll (which look like Jonathan’s copy) to GMB as he collected the scroll he became furious and treated it with disdain and threw it away. While all this drama was going on Jonathan was still standing and struggling with his own copy.
The judge said, “Shall we overlook this attitude”? Then I heard it is not about the apparel.
The contestants have issues:
• Jonathan could not read the scroll, but was trying his best to do so.
• Buhari, on the other hand, was furious(impatient)& threw away the scroll
(Did not bother to read it or even try)
The statement: This is not about the apparel: Refers to the attire of Buhari in the vision: (White dress from head to toe). This implies deception. Buhari is not what he appears to be.
I think it is expedient to include some definite prayer direction received to guide the prayer of the brethren. Concerning Nigeria's political future, the coming election, Islamic jihad manifest in Boko Haram insurgency, the prayer direction given are:
1. ''Let the will of God be done in Nigeria as it is in heaven'' The clear understanding is the prophetic declaration and pronouncements for the manifestation of the kingdom of God over Nigeria in the unfolding events and expected outcomes.
2. That the enchantments and covering cast over Nigeria on the groundswell of support for Buhari be dispelled. The veil be pulled of the eyes of the Nigerian masses particularly in nominal Christendom to see Buhari for what he really represents.
3. Concerning Boko Haram '' Arise O Lord, let not man prevail, let the heathen be judged in your sight. Put them in fear that the nations may know themselves to be but men.
4. Protection for God's people through the storm.
5. Repentance for the failures of the church and nation if not already carried out to be accompanied by praise, worship, intercessory prayers and prophetic pronouncements over the heavens of Nigeria.

Tuesday 20 January 2015


Culled from FACEBOOK:
John Maton posted in Plateau Intelligentsia
John Maton 12:22am Jan 20, 2015

I respect the decision of those Christians who support Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. It is their prerogative to do so. My opposition to Gen. Buhari has nothing to do with his being a Muslim. Those who follow my Facebook posts know that I have been advocating that Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo, the Governor of Gombe State, should become Nigeria's President in 2019 after President Goodluck Jonathan's second term. Alhaji Dankwambo is a Muslim Fulani but he is very sound. He is very intelligent, professional, urbane, focused, visionary and, more importantly, he is not an Islamist.
What do I have against Isalmist? An Islamist is a Muslim fundamentalist who subscribes to Political Islam based on the Wahabbist and Salafist schools of thought. They believe that Sharia Law should govern society and they try to impose their beliefs on the educational system, media, culture, politics, the economy and all aspects of life. Some Islamists are violent and have terrorism as in their main agenda. But most Islamists are subtle. They are found in the academia, financial institution, politics and other pursuits. They are non-violent in the main but are just as dangerous as their terrorist peers. You would never suspect that they are Islamists because they are strategic in their operations.
The most dangerous human beings on earth today are Islamists. Even Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. are afraid of Islamists and some of them have legislation against Islamism. The Muslim Brotherhood was banned in Egypt for this reason.
Some people think only known terrorist organisations such as ISIS/ISIL, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Qaeda etc. are dangerous. The insidious brand of Islamism is actually more lethal.
Let no one be deceived by the satanic conspiracy of the All Progressives Congress (APC) orchestrated by Asuwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is a "progressive" and will bring about "change" as Nigeria's President.
Gen. Buhari is an Islamist jihadist who operates TAQQIYYA; the Islamic Doctrine of "Holy" Deception. Till date he has not recanted the statement he made in January, 2002, at the closing ceremony of a Koranic Recitation Competition held in Gusau, Zamfara State, where he applauded the Sharia which then Gov. Sani Yerima introduced and he called on all Muslims in Nigeria to vote only for a Muslim President in the 2003 Election who would promote the interest of Islam. Please google it.
It was in 2001 in Kaduna that Gen. Buhari said he would continue to promote the TOTAL implementation of Sharia in the entire country of Nigeria. Also google it.
Christians are often naive politically. In the north, Muslim clerics have been promoting Gen. Buhari as the Candidate of Islam. But in the south, APC has successfully recruited southern Christian leaders and Pastors to sell the lie that "Buhari is not a fundamentalist" despite the obvious evidence that he is. They also push the lie that Pastor Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is a "man of integrity" and would be the defacto President since Gen. Muhammadu Buhari always cedes actual administration of whatever is placed under his responsibility to his immediate subordinate.
Pastor Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is no doubt a very intelligent academic but he is Tinubu's lackey who helps him in all the legal schemes to cover up his looting of Lagos. Prof. Osinbajo makes hundreds of millions of Naira annually just by handling Tinubu's legal matters. He sold out to mammon long ago! He represents only himself.
For the first time, I am now going to disclose publicly my own experience with Prof. Yemi Osinbajo which convinced me that he is not the man he has been hyped to be.
In April-July, 2011, I was part of those whom God chose to use to resist the blatant attempt by Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to impose Malaysia-style Islamic Banking on Nigeria contrary to the Constitution and the provisions of the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act. Under the auspices of Church For Change (a ministers network led by Pastor Wale Adefarasin, Pastor Tony Rapu and Pastor Ituah Ighodalo) and
Apostles in the Market Place (a network of Christian profesionals and businessmen led by Pastor John Enelamah), we organised a Seminar in June, 2011, in Lagos on Non-Interest Banking. Dr. Kingsley Moghalu who was then the Deputy Governor of the CBN in charge of Financial System Stability was in attendance representing Emir Sanusi who was then the CBN Governor. I was one of the speakers at the event. Other speakers were Brett Johnson of the Institute, U. S. A., and Prof. Bankole Sodipo. Dr. Moghalu spoke too. My first surprise was that Pastor Prof. Yemi Osinbajo was absent at the seminar. He was essentially part of our organising committee and might even have spoken during the seminar. When I enquired about him I was told he was at the Election Tribunal representing Mrs Oluremi Tinubu whose election as a Senator was being contested. I wondered then why he did not send someone from his law firm to the Tribunal that day since the case would continue thereafter but our seminar was a one-day event. Many of us had equally left other pressing matters to be at the seminar that day.
After the seminar, we decided that we would sue the CBN as it became clear that Emir Sanusi had an agenda and would not accede to our position that the CBN issue a uniform guideline on Non-Interest Banking which focused on the prudential regulations, risk management and such other banking issues while leaving the religious aspects to individual religious bodies to regulate. I was to be the plaintiff since I had locus standi having applied to the CBN in 2005 for a licence for my Company, Pharez Ltd., to set up a Profit and Loss Sharing Banking (the term actually used in Nigeria's Banking Act). In fact, I actually got involved in the Non-Interest Banking saga initially out of self-interest. The CBN Non-Interest Banking Guidelines were going to make it impossible for a non-Muslim to establish a Non-Interest Banking institution.
Pastor Wale Adefarasin mandated Pastor Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to serve as our lawyer in the case against the CBN. He duly prepared the necessary legal papers but failed to file them at the court......till date. What we didn't realise then was that he was conflicted being a lackey of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a leading Muslim politician! The devil used Pastor Prof. Yemi Osinbajo to stop our litigation!
And, today, Islamic Banking is continuing even though Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Federal High Court, Abuja, gave judgment in another case in 2013 declaring that Islamic Banking was illegal and unconstitutional. He gave an orbiter dictum saying that the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice should compel the CBN to cancel the licence it issued to Jaiz Bank for Islamic Banking and that the CBN should comply with the extant laws of the land. The Judge said the plaintiff in that case had no locus standi so he could not grant the prayers he made in his affidavit filing the suit. He could only give an orbiter dictum which is not legally binding.
Who is the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice? Alhaji Mohammed Adoki. As a devout Muslim, he simply ignored the judgment and the orbiter dictum. The CBN just pretended that it was not even aware of the case much more the judgment given by Justice Gabriel Kolawole.
Pastor Prof. Yemi Osinbajo cannot be trusted to speak for the Church and Christians even if he did become the Vice President. He represents only himself and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
May God have mercy upon Nigeria and not allow our beloved country to be delivered into the hands of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. May Gen. Muhammadu Buhari never become the President of Nigeria in Jesus' Name. Amen!
So I remain resolute to do my part to ensure that......
Egheomhanre Emmanuel Eyieyien, FCA.

Thursday 8 January 2015


WORD OF PROPHECY: When God’s wrath comes on Nigeria in divine judgment, wicked Governors will be the first on the hit list. As I slept, the LORD showed me in vision, confusion in our nation with burning/violence in the streets. Therein, 22 State Governors were pronounced dead. I woke up weeping for the sins of my people. Tell all politicians and bureaucrats in Nigeria to REPENT. 
Apostle Morgan Azih, 
True Vine Mission Centre, Jos, Nigeria. 


WORD OF PROPHECY: When God’s wrath comes on Nigeria in divine judgment, wicked Governors will be the first on the hit list. As I slept, the LORD showed me in vision confusion in our nation with burning/violence in the streets. Therein, 22 State Governors were pronounced dead. I woke up weeping for the sins of my people. Tell all politicians and bureaucrats in Nigeria to REPENT. 

Apostle Morgan Azih, 
True Vine Mission Centre, Jos, Nigeria.