Tuesday 14 April 2015


It’s exactly one year today since Boko Haram islamists abducted hundreds of Chibok school girls out of whom 219 are still missing. A few of the girls miraculously escaped. The true numbers of the initial abductees, the escapees and those still missing cannot be confirmed with certainty as many of the agencies involved are being very conservative with the information they have. This must be one of the most repugnant events in our history and the lowest point of our existence as a nation.
Our government was initially in denial the event ever took place. However, evidence soon proved them wrong and irresponsible. One year on and little or nothing has been heard about the girls’ whereabouts, let alone their condition of health. Whether they are still alive is even in question. The leader of the group announced months ago that he has since sold off the girls as wives to foreigners.   However, a recent escapee from the same terrorists claims that she was held in the same vicinity with about fifty of the girls. Also, there is a report in the papers today claiming that the girls might have been cited in the company of the terrorists in the Gwoza area as they retreat from advancing federal troops.
We wish to mark the one year remembrance of the absence of these girls with fervent prayers to God Almighty for His intervention in order to free them. There is nothing impossible for Him. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He decides the fate of all men. He is more powerful that any human. He is aware of all things before they even happen and the future. He can therefore bring this episode to end in safety at any moment. He tells us to ask whatever we desire and He will grant our requests.
We plead with God to please have mercy on these innocent girls. For no fault of theirs, they are suffering. Their parents and close associates are in pain. We ask God to please forgive us as a nation for our shortcomings, which might have caused this calamity to befall us. He says if we humble ourselves and submit to His will, He will heal our land of all blight. With confidence in Him and in faith we offer this prayer believing that He has heard us and answered us in the affirmative, in Jesus name. Amen.   

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